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A Dream Destination - Villa Santa Cruz in Todos Santos, Baja Sur

A Dream Destination

Todos Santos Baja is a refreshing, alternative vacation destination packed with delightful experiences and a variety of activities. Named after “All Saints,” this town is a Pueblo Magico for a reason. Its wondrous landscape and abundant flora and fauna create the perfect oasis for a boutique hotel like Villa Santa Cruz. Less than a two-hour drive from Los Cabos, Todos Santos Baja is a perfect escape from tourist traps, as it still has the essence of a quaint Mexican beach town. This bohemian town is located in the municipality of La Paz, backed by the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain range. There are many things to do in Todos Santos Baja, and Villa Santa Cruz is your perfect hotel residence.

Places to Visit
Our hotel has many activities for a variety of travelers, which the climate of Todos Santos Baja generously lends itself to all year round. For those who seek to venture out, Villa Santa Cruz offers day trips to Isla Espiritu Santo, often called the Jewel of the Sea of Cortez with crystal clear water and beautiful, rocky white sand. An incredible opportunity to explore, snorkel and get lost in the beautiful wildlife, this venture includes a prepared chef lunch. Beautiful places to visit in Todos Santos Baja can be discovered through hikes or off roading, and, to make it easy, our hotel offers ATV and motor sport rentals on site. For the more laid-back traveler, stargazing in the mountains, horseback riding and whale watching are perfect excursions. Todos Santos Baja is a prime spot for watching Gray whales migrate during winter and early spring. Moreover, surfboard rentals and lessons are plentiful in this laid-back travel spot.

Wellness Practices in Todos Santos Baja
Getaways to Mexico call for trying new things, learning new ways to relax, and getting to know yourself. At Villa Santa Cruz, guests can enjoy morning laps in the Grand swimming pool, a peaceful sunrise on our beautiful beach, or plan for a candlelit private yoga session – an unforgettable experience under the stars. The Villa Roof Terrace lends itself for a morning workout, evening quiet time or meditation. While crashing ocean waves create a peaceful symphony for relaxation, consider a private “sound bath” – an ancient practice for deep healing. In a Sound Bath, vibrations created through bowls and other instruments aim to guide you into a profound meditative state, clear energy blockages and balance your chakras. Sound baths use repetitive sound patterns that bring people to their center and quiet down one’s thoughts, allowing for deepening relaxation. This practice is known to improve quality of sleep and reduce stress, allowing our guests to fully disconnect. Far away from the distractions of day-to-day activities, this wellness practice is sure to leave a long-lasting impact. Guests get to enjoy a few days away from the craze of normal life, and, to some, it has had a profound impact in which they return home with heightened focus and energy.

Villa Santa Cruz also offers Cacao ceremonies, a centuries old practice that helps guests experience a beautiful, cultural ritual. The ceremony will involve a blessing of the cacao, an introduction of its origins and intentional preparation. The focus of the ceremony is for the group to share the experience, express gratitude, and acknowledgement of what they have created during their time together.
If sound baths and cacao ceremonies aren’t your thing, you can sink into a warm bubble bath in your suite and decompress while enjoying a margarita or two. Massages are also offered at our hotel at your convenience. Choose from Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massages. Whether you prefer to relax by the pool or seek a new experience, you are sure to return feeling rested and replenished from your trip.

Dedicated to the earth
Villa Santa Cruz is committed to reducing our impact on the Earth and we are working closely with the Zero Waste Alliance of Todos Santos Baja to reduce the amount of trash sent to the local dump. Our hotel makes a conscious, consistent effort to preserve our earth and is working to eliminate plastic by using refillable containers for pantry and cleaning items. Ensuring we reduce our carbon footprint is a top priority. In fact, we recently held a Recycling Workshop for our staff, teaching them how to separate waste and make more intentional choices with purchases, etc.

Your Mexico trip is not complete without a traditional Baja culinary experience. Though this quaint Mexican village is lined with artisan tourist shops and delicious food options, some of the best dining options of Todos Santos Baja can be found in our hotel. Get a taste of Mexican cuisine while sitting on a beautiful beach, with your toes in the sand, and enjoy an incredible sunset at The Green Room restaurant, located on property at Villa Santa Cruz.


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