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Your Safe and Healthy Vacation in Todos Santos, Baja Sur - VillaSanta
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Your Safe and Healthy Vacation in Todos Santos, Baja Sur

Less Crowds, More Fun
Over the past two years, the uncertainty of Covid-19 has been challenging in many ways. We all deserve a break from the mental and physical exhaustion we are forced to cope with on a daily basis. Here in Baja, our gorgeous beaches and sun-drenched days await you, making it the perfect escape in these uncertain times for a safe and healthy vacation. Todos Santos is the best vacation spot for those easing back into travel, and Villa Santa Cruz is a safer option than other high-volume hotels in the vicinity. Our spaces are sanitized and cleaned for guests several times throughout the day, fulfilling a promise of a safe and healthy stay for our guests. By keeping hygiene protocols in place, we can ensure your trip will be as stress-free as possible. Additionally, our staff wear facemasks and are fully vaccinated, making this the perfect place to resume travel after COVID-19. Choosing a safe and healthy vacation destination can be overwhelming, but a trip to Todos Santos for an incomparable getaway will set your mind at ease. We are committed to keeping you safe.

Designed for you
Located five miles north of Todos Santos, we offer a range of hotel room options including Beach View Bungalows and Tented Ocean Suites for beachfront glamping in Mexico. Selecting a room type that suits your needs is part of the Villa Santa Cruz experience. Our rooms are carefully curated, with unique décor and individual entrances, avoiding long stuffy hallways or crowded elevators. Our hotel’s layout, which is widespread and designed with privacy in mind, allows us to effortlessly avoid enclosed spaces – all our common areas are outside (dining rooms, yoga spaces, etc.). Beach View Bungalows are accessed via ramps, with plenty of space to keep a safe distance between encounters with other guests. For even more privacy with amazing ocean breezes, try glamping in our Tented Ocean Suites. You will enjoy the comforts of a luxury hotel while embracing Mexico’s beautiful natural landscape. Book travel with confidence, as we offer flexible cancellation 30 days prior to your trip if any travel restrictions were to be enforced.

Perfect Place to Disconnect
Guests can enjoy a morning swim in the pool, a crisp hike in the mountains or a brisk walk in the desert. The Villa Roof Terrace lends itself for a morning workout, evening quiet time or meditation. Villa Santa Cruz offers different wellness practices such as Cacao ceremonies, sound baths, and deep tissue massages. Bird watching and horseback riding are also up for guests’ enjoyment. Spending time alone, or with family, you can escape the craziness of normal life year-round thanks to the beautiful Baja California Sur climate. You can also get a taste of Mexican cuisine while sitting on a beautiful beach, with your toes in the sand at the Green Room restaurant. Shut off your phone and take an ATV if that is more your speed. Water sports are also available as de-stressing activities, there is nothing a day out in open water cannot fix. Your next vacation getaway waits at Villa Santa Cruz. Connect with your inner adventurer, foodie, and traveler at Villa Santa Cruz!