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A Designated Magic Town - Todos Santos Mexico and Villa Santa Cruz

A Designated Magic Town

A Designated Magic Town

In Todos Santos Mexico, vintage artisan shops, cobblestones, and the smell of street tacos create a colorful village of dreams that simply cannot be topped. Towns like San Jose del Cabo have became increasingly popular, yet are now overcrowded during the post-pandemic travel boom. Todos Santos Mexico is the perfect place to fully embrace Baja culture, in a safe, socially-distanced manner. The beautiful beaches attract surfers from all over the world and draw in Baja California Sur locals. Due to its rich history, nature and culture, Todos Santos Mexico was desingated a “Pueblo Magico”, making the list of legendary Mexico towns. This is not the only reason our town is magical, its natural beauty welcomes guests with palms and mango trees decorating pristine lagoons and Villa Santa Cruz embraces its surroundings as so.

When is the best time to visit?

Though the weather allows for gorgeous beach visits year-round, gray whales migrate from November to mid-March to breed and give birth in the warm waters of the Baja Peninsula. Todos Santos Mexico is known for its magic deserts, and abundant plant life, where many ecosystems are left completely untouched and ecological reserves lend themselves for peaceful hikes. Waves crashing along the coast create a morning soundtrack you’ll want to sip your morning coffee to every day. Birds sing in perfect harmony, and the crisp sea breeze provides a peace that is not felt elsewhere. Bird watching is a classic activity that invites travelers to connect with nature.

The climate in Todos Santos Mexico allows for a large variety of flora and fauna to thrive. This biodiversity makes it a perfect place for learning sustainable development and UNESCO has designated certain regions as a Biosphere Reserve. Villa Santa Cruz has glamping suites that invite guests to embrace nature, all while keeping the comfort of a luxury hotel.

There are a wide variety of cultural events – in February there is an art festival, inviting national and foreign artists, and later in the year, a Reggae festival, on San Pedrito beach, where international musicians perform. A wine festival is celebrated in May, since this area of Baja California is located within a wine region of Mexico. In July, the Mango festival is celebrated, where you can appreciate the different varieties of this fruit.

Trendy and Historic

A haven for artists, foodies and relaxed travelers, Todos Santos’ deep history is also part of its charm. Founded by Jesuit missionaries in 1733, Misión La Paz is a pillar in the trail of missions along the beautiful Mexican state. In addition, the town has other attractions, such as Punta Lobos, an hour-and-a-half hike leading to a cliffside viewpoint, and the Hotel California, which is rumored to have inspired the famous The Eagles song. The hotel is surrounded by bright tourist shops offering Mexican handicrafts and sometimes showcase beautiful art you will want shipped home. There are also local fisherman leaving daily from Punta Lobos who venture out on pangas to spend the day fishing in the middle of the Pacific.

Relaxation at the end of the day

Our Todos Santos hotel’s secluded location is a bridge between relaxation and tourist activities. We offer recommendations for art galleries, group activities, and nature activities, as well as massages performed in the privacy of your guest room. We know a great vacation is perfectly balanced by serene activities such as meditation and private yoga sessions. You can also take advantage of the little light pollution of the peninsula, to wonder at the night sky, and embrace all the splendor that is Todos Santos Mexico. Guests can partake in celestial observations, identify planets, constellations and at sometimes of the year, the shooting stars. You can customize your experience by choosing between a beach session or an evening candlelit session on the Roof Terrace.