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The Positive Impact of Glamping on the Environment

Glamping is an incredible experience, but is it good for the environment?

Are you searching for an amazing adventure with responsible travel in mind? Why not try something that will have a positive impact on the earth? When considering an ideal vacation, it is important to consider all aspects of travel including transportation, nature, culture, and the wellbeing of locals – glamping in Todos Santos checks all boxes! Todos Santos offers something for everyone and is a nature lover’s paradise. Its natural landscape is a prime spot for glamping, which has proven to have a positive impact on the environment – which is especially amazing considering its growing popularity in recent years. At Villa Santa Cruz, we have expanded our accommodation options and now offer an authentic yet luxurious glamping experience, set right on the beach. Glamping at Villa Santa Cruz is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from your day to day routine. As the sun rises over the Sierra de Laguna Mountain Range, enjoy hot coffee and housemade muffins from the comfort of your king-sized bed, take an afternoon beach stroll, enjoy an amazing dinner at the Green Room and relax by the beach bonfires.

How Ecotourism And Glamping Are A Perfect Fit

Ecotourism is defined by the Ecotourism Society Board of Directors as “Responsible travel to natural and cultural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the wellbeing of local people.” By glamping with us, instead of visiting a bigger brand resort, you are investing in our local business and ensuring your visit will be an authentic glamping experience. We preserve and honor the landscape, the natural world surrounding us, and the culture of our town through our offerings at the hotel. Our approach is to respect the natural environment and culture. Tall saguaros thrive on our land, you can hear birds chirping in the crisp morning, and, on the streets of Todos Santos, find incredible art and food festivals with local artisans selling wares. There is a certain magic in Todos Santos that is unique and remarkable. As an artist community, some in Todos Santos have even attempted eco-construction, with homes made from sustainable materials or recycled materials. Our eco-friendly hotel invites you to experience Todos Santos through glamping, having a positive impact on the environment, a full ecotourism experience.

Our Glamping Offerings

We call our glamping rooms at Villa Santa Cruz, our Tented Ocean Suites, which illustrate the glamour and luxury of the room. These glamping suites provide a fresh approach to hospitality, integration the natural environment with luxury and comfort for our guests.

The Tented Ocean Suites were designed with all the comforts of a hotel room in mind – spacious and private bathrooms, including a double vanity, separate shower, and standalone concrete bathtub. The ocean views and comfortable patios allow guests to enjoy a bonfire, with the soundtrack of a symphony of waves crashing in the background.

If you prefer a more traditional experience, please consider:

The Beach View Bungalows offer a panoramic view of the beach, as well as a more intimate and traditional setting. Its secluded entrance, accessed through a wooden bridge, sets aside these rooms for enhanced privacy. The private decks are perfect for disconnecting in this star-studded beach paradise.

The Suite Familia offers the entire ground floor of the North Villa, similar to a one bedroom apartment complete with full kitchen, living and dining room and grassy play area outside. From this room, it is a close walk to the pool and beach, providing guests with the flexibility to access all the hotel’s amenities. The expansive ocean view patio is perfect for relaxing in your home away from home.

Our Commitment to our Guests, the Community and the Environment

You will find exemplary customer service at Villa Santa Cruz. Our staff makes it easy for guests to take advantage of all that Baja California has to offer. By working closely with travelers, we find the best ways for them to absorb the culture of Todos Santos. At Villa Santa Cruz, we take care of our employees as if they were family, just as we do with our guests. We are committed to maintaining the town’s essence consistently through our food and hospitality. At The Green Room, we serve authentic Baja cuisine with organic food offerings, right from our 1.5 acre farm. This restaurant can be enjoyed year-round due to our incredible climate, which also makes Todos Santos the perfect spot for your glamping holidays. We hope you will come to experience it all firsthand very soon.