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Honorio Cruz Figueroa was born in 1987 and is original of Santiago

Honorario Cruz

Honorio Cruz Figueroa was born in 1987 and is originally of Santiago Suchilquitongo, from a family of peasants, at a very early age his parents involved him in planting corn, beans and pumpkin; that is his first approach with the earth. At the age of fifteen years his studies were cut short; the need to leave ahead and help them for a year and a half dedicated himself to carpentry in his hometown. 

At the beginning, Honorio learned how to prepare clay, his interest in it made him stay for two years becoming the supervisor of the color, the burning and the production of pieces. Once the migrant project was finished, it was invited by maestro Santiago to collaborate with him in plastic, remaining with him for two and a half years. This is how in 2005 in this guild of artists Honorio knows the teacher Claudio Jerónimo being Alejandro Santiago who encourages him to take workshops with him who teaches how to handle the oven; likewise Master Ceramist Javier Cervantes instructing him in the handling of engobes to give color to the pieces produced and with the master potter Adán Paredes who also gave him some knowledge.