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Best hotel in Mexico - VillaSanta

Best hotel in Mexico

How to Choose the best hotel in Mexico

Mexico is a favorite world destination, because of the unique and authentic experiences it offers. As a country with many cultures and huge diversity, it is full of Mexican folklore and adventure. As a popular tourist destination, Mexico boasts many accommodation options, so it can be complicated to choose the ideal hotel to enjoy your vacation. We recommend that you consider the following advice on your next visit to ensure you find the spot right for your trip!

1. Know what you are looking for

Before you start your search to choose a hotel, you must understand what you are looking for, mainly because each location offers different services and amenities. For example:

You want a true luxury experience – you can choose a resort, luxury hotel or condo that has high-end amenities such as golf, spa, nightlife, shuttle service, among other luxury offerings.

You want a Family vacation – you can choose a destination that is family-friendly and that has activities for adults, children and teenagers alike, such as a family pool, beach volleyball or a bocce court. Opting for all-inclusive resorts or all-inclusive hotels make planning easy because everything is on site! But, consider venturing off the beaten path to an independent hotel for a more authentic experience.

You want a private and quiet getaway – opt for a stay away from the big cities, a location with secluded beaches, a private plunge pool, private terrace, massage services, and beautiful landscape views.

When guests know what kind of vacation they are looking for, it will be much easier to find options that suit their needs!

2. The price

Price is a determining factor that should be seriously considered. Knowing your budget and sticking to it will help ensure you will enjoy your vacation. Therefore, before you book a hotel, understanding the price and what it includes is essential. Mexico offers hotels and lodging in all different price points at all different levels of service, so pick what suits you based on your budget.

3. Best Season to travel

In Mexico, the weather can determine the best times of year to travel, creating a more popular high season and a less expensive low season. In the low season, hotels, resorts and condos will offer lower-priced options and packages to attract tourists when demand is low, mainly due to warmer weather, high humidity, and a threat of hurricanes.  In Mexico, the low season is from July – October.  In the high season, November – June, the weather is beautiful and dry, the whales are migrating in the Pacific ocean and this activity creates more demand for hotels. It is essential to make your hotel reservations months in advance of the date you are going to travel.

In addition to the demand for resort hotels, the season in which you travel is very important to consider the support services provided.  For example, in the winter, you’ll want to make sure the hotel has a heated pool and jacuzzi and a fireplace for the cooler evenings. In the summer season, you’ll want to choose a hotel with air-conditioned rooms and beach access to take quick swims to cool down.

4. Lodging location

Before you book your Mexican Resort, you should always check the hotel zone where it is located, taking into account the neighborhood and its surroundings. This way you can be assured that the location is safe, near points of interest, restaurants, shops and the airport, among other things. To best understand these points, you can contact the staff of the hotel or visit the hotel website that will provide tons of information.

5. Parking space

If you have a rental car, you will want to consider the hotel’s parking policy. In some locations, it is advisable to forgo a rental car and just take a taxi to the hotel, especially if you plan to stay on property for the duration of your stay. At some hotels, parking can be very limited and additional fees will be charged. In others, parking is easy and plentiful and free of charge.

6. Breakfast included

In the case of an all-inclusive resort or an all-inclusive hotel, all food is included in the per night rates and guests are free to order room service or go directly to the restaurant on property. If breakfast or other meals are not included, check on what the hotel offers you or what restaurants are nearby. Many hotels in Mexico include breakfast in their room rates – a great value! At a luxury boutique hotel or high-end accommodation, the choices with food and alcohol can vary widely, but is sure to be delicious!

7. Hotel facilities

Depending on your desires and the hotel’s location, you’ll find a wide variety of facilities –  i.e., massage services, spa, view terrace, infinity pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, boutique, walking trails, playground, gym, bar, or beach access, among other things. With these on-site amenities, it will give you comfort and peace of mind to know that you may not have to leave the resort, unless you’d like to, of course! Understanding exactly what your hotel offers is a key factor to finding the best hotel in Mexico.

8. Room facilities

While certain features of hotel rooms can be commonplace, the level of amenities offered will enhance your experience as long as your room has all that you expect. Whether you stay in a simple suite, master suite, or presidential suite, you’ll want to be assured that your stay will be comfortable and relaxing. Consider the following room amenities – do you want a bathtub? Stocked mini-bar? Personal butler service? Private Terrace? Ocean View? These facilities can significantly impact the quality of your stay and elevate the experience you will have at the hotel.

As mentioned, Mexico has incredible places to visit and a lot of variety in lodging, but one of the best places to visit and have a relaxing and family-friendly experience are inside the best hotel in Mexico! It offers the best amenities and comforts so that you can live your vacation to the fullest, all within the best hotel in Mexico.