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Things to do in Todos Santos Mexico - VillaSanta

Things to do in Todos Santos

Things to do in Todos Santos, Mexico

If you are looking for a charming destination where you can appreciate local art and culture and beautiful beaches, the ideal destination for you is Todos Santos, Mexico. This small magical town offers the best in sweeping landscapes and colorful sunsets and is a space suitable for solo travelers or those who want to spend a memorable time with their loved one, friends, or family.

Where is Todos Santos, Mexico?

At the tip of the Baja peninsula, located 50 miles from the bigger cities of La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, you will discover the beautiful town of Todos Santos, one of the most beloved destinations in Mexico on the Pacific. This small town, a “pueblo,” is best known for its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the beauty of the natural surrounds, and it’s perfect climate; an attraction for Mexicans from all over the republic. Also, this tourist destination is popular with visitors from the United States.

To get to Todos Santos, you’ll drive along the scenic, beachfront Highway 19; from either the La Paz or Cabo San Lucas airports, the drive is about 1.5 hours. It is just 73 kilometers to the north of Cabo San Lucas and about 80 kilometers southwest of La Paz.

What’s So Special About Todos Santos, Mexico?

Surrounded by a desert landscape, the Pacific Ocean and the majestic mountains of the Sierra La Laguna, Todos Santos is a unique oasis in Baja. But this is not all; Todos Santos, Mexico, is a home to colonial architecture with a modern design. It is a space full of cultural and artistic touches that have historical relevance to the local people who live in this beautiful town.

One of the main reasons why Todos Santos is such a special destination is that it has multiple art galleries and festivals that are focused on enhancing local artistic works. So, when walking through the historical center, you become part of the art-filled culture that will instantly captivate your eyes. With brightly colored buildings, papel picado banners hung across the streets and bold pops of pink bougainvillea petals, the bohemian vibe of the town will shine through.

Another reason why Todos Santos, Mexico is so unique and highly visited is because of the incredible variety of restaurants, surfing spots, and boutique hotels, just like our very own Hotel Villa Santa Cruz. So, if you’d like a unique fine-dining experience – gastronomy galore! – surrounded by the best natural landscapes, this Magical Town offers it all! The incredible beachfront setting of Todos Santos offers the best of Baja California Sur.

4 Amazing things to do in Todos Santos, Mexico
  1. Visit the majestic Cerritos Beach/ Playa Los Cerritos

Close to the town of Todos Santos is one of the most majestic and beautiful beaches in the entire Baja peninsula of Mexico, Cerritos Beach. This place is preferred by tourists and locals alike for its sandy beaches and long, rolling waves. Visitors, mainly from the United States, Mexico and Europe, have come from far away to take in this unique and popular beach. In this true beach paradise, you can practice extreme sports like surfing, SUPing or swimming in the coastal strip.

In addition to the natural beauty of the water, characterized by the sand and bluegreen ocean that can be seen north and south of Playa Los Cerritos, this place also stands out  because it is surrounded by the mountain range, la Sierra de la Laguna. The daytime temperatures create ideal afternoons, and the water temperatures range from 65 – 85 degree fahrenheit depending on the time of year – sometimes you need a wetsuit and sometimes no!

If you are looking for more water activities at Cerritos Beach, in addition to swimming and surfing, you can enjoy SUPing, kayaking and boating.  If you prefer land adventures, consider horseback riding tours, renting an ATV to visit the sand dunes in the surroundings, or relaxing beach massages.

  1. Save the Sea Turtles with Tortugueros Las Playitas

The town of Todos Santos, Mexico, is a place to discover a unique and unparalleled experience with the conservation group Tortugueros Las Playitas. On the beach in the Las Tunas area at the end of Camino Internacional, you can participate in the release of turtles. The organization, Tortugueros Las Playitas, is a group of volunteers who dedicate themselves to protecting marine animals’ environments, especially the baby sea turtles. Therefore, all the people who work together in this group are experts who offer their knowledge and services so that tourists can learn more about the conservation of these beautiful and unique animals.

The turtle releases take place right at sunset, the time of day when it is most likely that the sea turtles will safely crawl to the ocean. Please respect all the rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of these protected animals.

  1. Visit the charming cultural sites of Todos Santos

Your visit to Todos Santos must include a tour of the tourist sites within the town.  The best place to start is at the Todos Los Santos Mission. This mission is a historic space that was home to missionaries in past centuries and now has become a beautiful and splendid church dedicated to the Virgen del Pilar. It is located right in the central town square and just a block from the Hotel California.

Another site you should visit in this Magic Town is the Cultural Center, located on Calle Juarez, in the heart of the historic district.  The Cultural Center displays many works of art that adorn its halls; they are works that were created to promote the culture and skills of the people of Todos Santos, Mexico. The Cultural Center is also home to the Photo Library, the Regional History Museum, the library, and other spaces that contain documents, crafts, and works linked to the history of the town.

On the other hand, if you are looking to visit outdoor natural destinations, the Reserva de la Biósfera Sierra La Laguna is one of the best options. This enormous area is special because it is the only forest found in all of Baja California Sur, surrounded by desert zones and completely natural areas. Here you can enjoy activities such as horseback riding, hiking, biking, mountaineering, flora and fauna observation, rappelling, handicraft, and educational and cultural workshops, among other activities.

  1. Taste gastronomic delights

Many of the people who visit La Paz or Los Cabos go to Todos Santos specifically to enjoy its fantastic gastronomy; even though it is a small town, you will find the most exquisite plates in of all Baja. The restaurants in town are extraordinary, mainly because they are independently owned and specialize on a specific point of view.  For example, The Green Room, located beachfront at our Todos Santos Hotel, focuses on Mexican-inspired fresh seafood tostadas.

Where to stay in Todos Santos, Mexico?

This Magic Town is the perfect place for tourists, and because of it, there are many amazing lodging options. But, if you are looking for a hotel where you feel at peace, can enjoy a tranquil and serene atmosphere, all while delighting in the natural rhythm of Baja, then our boutique hotel is your best bet.

Villa Santa Cruz will make you fall in love with Baja. Our warm hospitality and service will ensure your stay is relaxing and peaceful. Our rooms, inspired by Mexican colors and culture, will make you feel at home. With spectacular beach and landscape views, you’ll again feel in touch with natural elements – the stage of the moon, the beauty of the sunset, the calming whisper of the wind through the palm trees – something our guests desperately crave. Life in the United States, Mexico and Europe has become so  busy and stressful, that a stay at Villa Santa Cruz will give you the space to take a deep breath and rediscover a connection to nature that fills a void so common in city life.

Transportation to the hotel is quite easy from the airport in Los Cabos, Mexico along Highway 19.  Whether you decide to arrange for a shuttle to the hotel or rent a car yourself, it will only take an hour and a half to reach your destination.

How long should you stay in Todos Santos, Mexico?

Of course, this will depend on the individual traveler, but to enjoy all that this Magic Town has to offer, we recommend that your trip is more than three days. This way, you will have the opportunity and time to enjoy the historic sites in town, to taste the culinary delights and discover the culture of Todos Santos, and have the chance to take in the beauty of  one of the most majestic landscapes of all of Mexico.

You now know the best of the best of Todos Santos, Mexico. So for your next travel destination, come and appreciate all the cultural elements and natural beauty that this little town has to offer while you stay in our hotel Villa Santa Cruz.