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The work of Jesús Cuevas is based on impressionism

Jesus Cuevas

Born in the city of Oaxaca de Juárez in the year 1982. Beginning his interest in painting at an early age, with the concern to continue in this discipline, he initiates a self-taught learning.

Inspired by it in the year of 2002 he enters the SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS OF THE BENITO JUAREZ AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF OAXACA to begin his professional studies in the plastic arts. Finishing these studies in the year of 2006 he got a scholarship at CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY in Fresno California.

Oaxacan painter with an active career in the plastic arts in Oaxaca, has presented his work in different national and foreign cultural spaces, with more than 20 individual exhibitions and more than 50 collective; so as in the illustration of 3 Oaxacan storybooks.

The work of Jesús Cuevas is based on impressionism, which is characterized by the mobility of phenomena before the concept of things. The colors and textures that he creates with the artistic techniques moods that become the protagonists of each of the pieces. There are various techniques that dominate, proof of this are each of the works he has done with different materials, where he tells real and imaginary stories.