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Farmers' Markets | Villa Santa Cruz

Farmers' Markets

There is little else that can convey the community feel of a town as well as a Farmers’ Market – and we, in Todos Santos, are lucky enough to have two of them each week.

The Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings at La Cañada del Diablo brings together a variety of delectable food products, goods and flowers. Enjoy the many delicious treats available, including chile jams, homemade tamales and fresh donuts. And, don’t forget to peek your head inside La Cañada for authentic Mexican furniture, home decor details and a quick chat with the store’s owner, Barbara Perkins.

A staple of this Farmers’ Market is the beautiful organic produce lovingly grown and sold by long time Todos Santos resident and chef, Dominique Sawyer. Dominique’s deep red tomatoes, sweet carrots and leafy lettuces (just to name a few) freshen up any at-home meal. Dominique has also worked with us this season at Villa Santa Cruz to prepare selected gourmet meals for our guests.

On Wednesdays, La Esquina hosts a lovely Farmers’ Market with organic vegetable stands, a homemade cheese and organic beef vendor, and beautiful artisan crafts. The market is the perfect compliment to this casual cafe that serves healthy sandwiches, soups, smoothies, juices and espresso.