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Héctor Armando Ramos Flores, a plastic and graphic artist

Armando Flores

Héctor Armando Ramos Flores, plastic and graphic artist who signs his works of art as Armando Flores,He is currently 32 years old, originally from San Pablo Huitzo and resident in Telixtlahuaca, Etla, Oaxaca.

From 2005 to 2009 he entered the Graphic and Painting workshop of the artist Enrique Flores, taking graphic classes. Situated in San Pablo Huitzo Etla Oaxaca.

Armando has dedicated himself to cultivating his knowledge about about art, in his study he reflects on why he decided to dedicate to paint, “I studied plastic arts at the UABJO School of Fine Arts, I was educated by excellent teachers, painting and creating were always my priorities from childhood,” he says.

He has always lived in his community, with his grandparents and sheltered by the affection of all his relatives, he considers who had a very good childhood, with freedom and care because he has always had the love of the family.